Funeral 365 is a management
solution for funeral homes

A unique management solution designed to help you
operate your funeral business

Simplify your everyday life with Funeral 365

Focus on what matters most; guiding and supporting your customers.


Entry of on-site operations lets you collect the necessary data to corroborate and optimize the cost-effectiveness of each funeral service contract, as well as the company’s operations.


Funeral 365 provides complete visibility over all your employees and sub-contractors, regardless
of the company, letting you organize your resources efficiently.


Because we only get one chance to conduct a proper funeral, Funeral 365 lets you coordinate and monitor all your operations to ensure that each of your funeral tasks is completed and delivered to your customer’s satisfaction.


Funeral directors often juggle 5 or 6 projects at a time, including registering last wishes, legal documents and funeral proceedings, all the while coordinating with the families, stakeholders and human resources, vehicles, churches and disposal locations. Resources and family portal sites facilitate communication, and validation checklists keep you from forgetting anything. Each task is assigned to the appropriate resource and carried out in harmony with all other stakeholders.


Funeral 365 proposes a simplified web interface to register last wishes, plan tasks and collect onsite information, which combined with resources and family portal sites lets you collect and organize all funeral-related activities. Furthermore, an ERP interface complements Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, which has been enhanced and adapted to the funeral industry. Two interfaces completely dedicated to each stakeholder’s specific needs.

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